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"I tell my story, and you listen."

The story of a dreamer and the things that he's dreamt.

Fractured Planes presents:
Music/Lyrics/PV: Zoku
Mixing: Velvet
Vocal: Equinox

Song #1 of Zoku's series
Song #6 of the whole series
End of the First Cycle


Producer's Notes from Zoku:
"Woah guys, this is took longer than I thought it would.
Convergence is the starting song for my side of the series, but I really wanted it to be the thing that really ties everything together. Fractured Planes is really a huge story, and I wanted my song to reflect that.
My song should make sense in some way. Of course there are some things that seem nonsensical, but I'm sure you'll be able to piece it together soon.
It's in no way the best. I'll admit that many parts have been done sloppily... The technical difficulties associated with this didn't help much either. In fact this will have been up about 1:50 AM my time.
So many delays, so little time.. I'm sorry if this didn't live up to your expectations. I just hope that you guys enjoy it, and stay to hear more of us. :)"


released July 22, 2016

Zoku - Producer
Velvet - Mixer
Equinox - Vocal



all rights reserved


Fractured Planes Singapore

Fractured Planes is a song collaborative effort between six producers to make one whole story. Our main vocals come from vocal synthesis software programs, primarily Vocaloid and UTAU.

Each producer has their own story that leads to up to one major event: the fracturing of their planes of existence.

Current producers: Kuben, JVウタウ, DystoP, Negai, Owly, Zoku
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Track Name: Convergence
i'm not so clear
another one is what's here
"your words are vague," you say
but the world starts changing. here's my fate:

i tell my story
and you listen
you told me to stop but we're
changing the station
exchanging glances
but you know that
it's not worth it
converging faces
your perspective changes
but we know
it's not here, not now

"once upon a
time your fists
were clenched; our
heartbeats together
i asked for your salvation
you declined to hear my cry and so
now that person, whose words escape,
seems to face fate"

here, we meet at your twisted course
you called me: goddamn poor
sad, pathetic
but you caught me too late
here's our fate:

i tell our story
and you listen
intently resting but we're
changing the station
exchanging glances
but you know that
it's all worth it
converging faces
our perspectives shattered
but we know
it is right here, right now

"once upon a
time there was
a girl, rebel,
a time travl'r
dif'rent dimensions they played
but you and i will fade
you know who we are
we are nobody
as we converge"